January 24, 2019

Sustainability Council presents the Hot Topics speaker series

Does the daily deluge of calamitous environmental news make you feel overwhelmed and hopeless? Do you feel confused and paralyzed by uncountable options for effecting change ranging from individual choices to political engagement and systemic change?

Spring into action by attending this year’s HOT TOPICS series organized by the LC Sustainability Council. Throughout the months of February and March, presentations and workshops will answer the following questions:

“How do I solarize my home?”

“How do I invest in environmentally and socially responsible ways?”

“How do I engage in environmental non-violent direct action?”

“How do I support political and legal environmental action?”

“How do I handle grief and hopelessness and practice self-care during turbulent times?”

Please see the attached flyer for sessions and dates. Sessions will be held in Albany 218 at 5 pm, February 7 - April 2, *except where noted*. Please contact lcsc@lclark.edu with any questions.