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Divisive Issues

I received my Chronicle magazine and was once again presented with stories that are against my core beliefs. In the fall 2018 issue, you present an article about immigrant advocacy. I happen to think illegal is illegal. You present this and other articles as if they are universally good things with little regard for the other side of divisive issues.

Stuart Vincent BS ’80
Vancouver, Washington

Repairing the World

Thank you so much for your article “The People’s Poet” in the fall 2018 Chronicle. Kim Stafford taught my folklore class in the ’80s. It made my world bigger and deeper as we focused on the stories and culture of those who lived in this area before us.

His poem on the final page, “Practicing the Complex Yes,” moved me very much. I am running into more and more people who are trying to practice this so that our friendships and troubled nation can go on. I keep thinking: We still have to live together!

May Kim in his capacity as Oregon’s ninth poet laureate continue to write—and help others write—beautiful poems and phrases that will continue to help us repair the world.

Christine Weber-Kearney MAT ’85

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