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Recruiting Student Facilitators for the Peer Body Project!

March 17, 2019

Wellness Services is recruiting 12 volunteer student facilitators to implement the Peer Body Project on the Lewis & Clark campus next fall!  This is a great opportunity for undergraduate students to gain valuable experience and support their peers! 

The Peer Body Project is a group-based prevention program designed to help college students feel better about their bodies and prevent eating disorders. These groups are open to people of all genders who are impacted by feminine standards of beauty. 

Peer educators will work in teams to recruit and lead small groups of 6-8 undergraduates in discussions designed to help everyone develop healthier views about societal beauty ideals.  Peer educators will talk with participants about how we unintentionally feed into the myths that give rise to body image concerns and unhealthy eating habits, even when many of these beliefs are unhealthy and unattainable. Peer Body Project groups are designed to be fun and interactive, with role-play activities and opportunities for group members to engage with the material and form meaningful connections with each other.  The total time commitment is expected to include 15 hours of training in August 2019, plus another 12-20 hours of activities through the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Peer Educators must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.  They must attend a three-day training from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on August 26-28, 2019.   Peer Educators will be provided with on-campus meals from August 26 until September 1.  Peer Educators with a fall housing contract will be provided with on-campus housing from August 25 until September 1.  For more information and to apply, visit

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