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Six Reasons to Submit SLS Award Nominations by Apr. 5

March 29, 2019

  • Sarit Cahana, co-founder of the Disabled Student Union, spoke at the 2018 Student Leadership and Service Awards.

The Office of Student Leadership and Service (SLS) is seeking nominations to honor outstanding contributions to the community by students, staff, faculty, student organizations, and community partners. The award ceremony celebrates our peers campus-wide – from the CAS, Graduate School, and Law School.

Below are the top six reasons to nominate your fellow student, staff, faculty, student organization, or community partner (deadline is Friday, April 5): 

  1. Gratitude is a key component of strong leadership and effective service. SLS understands leadership and service to include collaborative volunteer work, advocacy, and other acts of solidarity that benefit the community-at-large. Please use this form to nominate someone you believe deserves to be celebrated. And please share with others!
  2. It’s a surprise win. The nominees do not receive advance notice that they are receiving an award. This makes for some really genuine and fun-to-witness reactions.
  3. Free food. If you nominate someone, you will be invited to the award ceremony. Come hungry!
  4. It’s short. The event moves along quickly and wraps up in less than an hour.  
  5. You might emote. Most of us don’t expect to cry at dinner, but there is always an outpouring of both tears and laughter upon hearing these great stories.
  6. Get some inspiration. Our community has lots of heart! The award recipients’ stories are always moving and motivating.