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Student Health Insurance

Critical Information for Fall 2019 Overseas and Off-Campus Participants

April 26, 2019

Please read thoroughly. 

Health Insurance Requirements

Lewis & Clark requires that all students have health insurance that is comparable to the health insurance plan offered by the college. The student’s health insurance must provide coverage in the geographic area where the student will be studying. While students studying abroad are automatically enrolled in the iNext traveler’s insurance provided by our office, this should be considered secondary emergency insurance for issues that are normally not covered by a comprehensive health insurance policy.

Information about the Student Health Insurance Program through PacificSource

All undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the college’s comprehensive Student Health Insurance program each academic year.  The charges for the premium will be added to your student account in July.  For the 2019-20 academic year, the premium will be $1469.50 per semester.  The fall coverage will be active August 15, 2019-December 31, 2019, while spring/summer coverage for enrolled students will be active January 1, 2020-August 14, 2020.  The student health insurance plan provides comprehensive benefits, tailored to meet the needs of college students.   

Comprehensive Health Insurance Options

Please read carefully through your options below for comprehensive health insurance.  More than one option may apply to you. 

A. For students who are participating on LC overseas/off-campus programs in the fall and who wish to have coverage through the PacificSource Student Health Insurance Program, the only action required for you is to pay the premium that will be billed to your student account in July –the payment deadline is August 8. Fall coverage for that program will be effective on August 15.

B. For students who are participating in LC overseas/off-campus programs in the fall, and who have other health insurance that meets the college’s comparability criteria, you are qualified to waive out of the student health insurance program. Students who want to waive enrollment in student health insurance must submit their online waiver prior to September 18, 2019. The waiver will be available on the Student Health Insurance Website July 8, 2019.  If you do not submit the waiver by the deadline, you will be responsible for paying the premium that has been applied to your student account.

C. If you waive out of student health insurance for the fall, but want to purchase comprehensive PacificSource student health insurance coverage for the period immediately after your program ends, please contact Stephanie Pollard ( prior to your program ending and submit a Health Insurance Waiver Rescission Form. You will need to pay a pro-rated premium for the number of days you need insurance prior to December 31, 2019.

D. Normally students have one opportunity in the fall to waive enrollment in student health insurance. However, we recognize that students studying outside the Portland area for one semester may have unique circumstances, such that they need to make a switch to their health insurance enrollment at the end of the fall semester.  Students who are studying abroad or off campus in LC programs can adjust their insurance coverage upon their return to Lewis & Clark.  If, near the end of fall semester, you decide you need to make a change to your status (i.e. enroll or waive) with the Student Health Insurance program for spring/summer 2020, please contact Francine Key ( prior to the end of your program to obtain the appropriate forms. 

iNext Insurance Termination

For students studying abroad, your iNext supplemental travel insurance policy will expire immediately upon your return to the US if you return to the US immediately after your program ends. If you travel abroad beyond the end date of your program, your supplemental travel insurance will expire on the end date of your program, but you may request an extension (at a cost) by contacting

We know health insurance issues can be confusing. Please visit our Health Information FAQs on our website here campus/health-insurance-information/ and reach out if you feel you need more information.

Student Health Insurance

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