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4-5-6 Commitment

Lewis & Clark offers multiple pathways to academic and professional success. This spring, the College of Arts and Sciences organized these pathways under a new umbrella called the 4-5-6 commitment.


Undergraduate Degree (BA)

Students expect to graduate in four years—and Lewis & Clark thinks they should as well. We are now offering a bachelor of arts degree in four years or eight semesters—or we pay for the ninth.


BA + Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Many Lewis & Clark graduates go on to work in education. Our nationally recognized teacher education program is the perfect preparation. Through the Teacher Pathways program, we provide early admission to Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling and a way to earn a BA, an MAT, and licensure in five years. Incoming, first-year, or second-year students can apply to Teacher Pathways.


BA + Law Degree (JD)

Lewis & Clark is home to the only law school in Portland. Our 3-3 law program gives students the option to enter the law school after just three years of undergraduate coursework, so long as they have completed their major and general education requirements. Elsewhere it takes seven years to earn both a BA and a JD.

There’s no catch, but students do need to be organized and committed to complete these pathways, especially the six-year BA + JD.

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