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The mountain is out! Go look!

January 28, 2010

Somehow when Howard Hall was built it cleared the way for a vista of Mt. St. Helens (photo taken Jan. 27 from Manor House circle drive).  So, we now have two mountains visible from campus on crystal clear days.  Maybe you could always see St. Helens – you’d have to talk to an old timer to be sure.

Many alumni remember whether or not “the mountain(s) is out”, meaning “visible” from their days here. I swear if some alumni knew that they could get a live view of Mt. Hood from our website, then would check it regularly. 

Paraphrased from one 70s grad who asked, “Does the news still travel from student to student about whether or not the mountain is out?  I would sit in class and wonder, and then hear once I got into the hallway from someone fresh from a trek across the formal garden:  the mountain is out!  go look!”

Submitted by Sharon Bosserman-Benson, director of planned giving.