August 28, 2019

Physics Colloquia Fall 2019

Mondays 4:15-5:15 pm in Olin 204
Cookies at 4:00 pm in Olin Foyer

First four talks feature LC physics alums!

September 16

Katie Clarkson ’01
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
“How I Got my Dam Job: From L.C. Physics to Columbia University and back to Portland as a Dam Safety Engineer”


September 30

Alex Lewandowski ’16
Spaceflight Industries
“Increasing Access to Space with Rocket Rideshare”


October 14

Hunter Feiss ’15
Breakside Brewery
“What is Beer: the Physics Behind the World’s Oldest Beverage”


October 28

John Kray ’17 & Zach Rose ’18
Hydra Research
“Designing and Launching a New 3D Printer”


November 11

Alison Crocker
Reed College
“What Supernovae Reveal About Their Host Galaxies”


December 9

Advanced Lab Project Presentations

“Simulating the Falling Cat Phenomenon”
Sean Richardson, Will McDermott, Arden Rasmussen

“Seeing Sound”
Jerome Regovich, Jacob Vatter, Hank Moseley, Kyle Monteleone

“Thrust Vector Control in Model Rockets”
Stephen Baker, Michael Contreras, Mel Hoomanawanui

“The Creature”
Alicia Lehman, Clare Shapiro, Morgan Taylor