September 30, 2019

Comings and Goings: Terri Banasek Retires After 25 Years 

Read the Q&A with Terri—and see the full list of new faces, new titles, and a few farewells.
  • Terri helped first-year students move in this year during New Student Orientation.

Terri Banasek, executive assistant to the dean of the college, is retiring after 25 years. Please RSVP now to join the celebration on Friday, October 4. The following Q&A with Terri takes a fond look back on her decades of service:

Do you have a fondest memory of a moment that stays with you over the years?

If you are asking about an LC memory, I think it would have to be the last faculty meeting of the year in 2012. At the end of the meeting, I was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers and a large canvas that was signed by many members of the faculty. It hangs on the wall in my office; and when I’m having a difficult day, I read it. The warm and loving comments remind me why I am here.

What was your first day like at Lewis & Clark?

That was a long time ago! I started in Public Relations in 1993. I had been a stay-at-home mom for many years and then worked part-time as a church secretary for several years. It was a bit of a culture shock walking into a campus environment and adapting to full-time employment. I do remember feeling very welcome. Many people stopped by my desk to welcome me and introduce themselves.   

What are your plans for the second week of October?

My husband and I are getting on a plane and heading to Amsterdam to spend a few days before boarding a Rhine River cruise. Checking off some bucket-list items. And, yes, I do have Wim’s Top Ten List for Amsterdam.

If you could change one thing about the college, what would it be? 

Staff at the college work really hard, and much of their work goes unnoticed—especially that which is behind the scenes but is still vital to keeping things moving seamlessly. While I receive lots of positive feedback from the faculty and other staff, I know that is not necessarily the case for the many people who work so tirelessly and with such devotion to our students and to the mission of Lewis & Clark.

Do you have a secret for staying so incredibly, unbelievably organized?

Yes, and it’s a secret!  

Several people have joined the community recently, and some continuing employees have taken on new roles and responsibilities at Lewis & Clark:

Matthew Barreau, head coach men’s and women’s cross country, Physical Education and Athletics; Robin Beaudry, assistant director of grounds, Facilities Services; Lainie Cassei, assistant swimming coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Shane Davis, carpenter, Facilities Services; Shelby Danzer, assistant director of annual giving, Institutional Advancement; Andrea Dooley, interim vice president, Business and Finance; Laura Everard, groundskeeper, Facilities Services; Becky Guderian, administrative specialist, Music; Melinda Honeycutt, staff psychologist, Counseling Center; Laura Johnson, associate director, Conferences and Events; Robin Keillor, staff psychologist, Counseling Center; Meredith Kostek, reference and instructional services librarian, Boley Law Library; Mike Lewis, assistant coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Heidi Locke, manager of administrative services, Business Law Services; Saul Patu, assistant coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Caitlin Peel, associate director of marketing, Public Affairs and Communications; Eric del Prado, assistant baseball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Jeffrey Randall, assistant coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Marjorie Reedy, administrative specialist, Counseling Center; Magdalena Roberts, administrative coordinator, Gender Studies; Margaret Salstrom, administrative assistant, Dean of the College; Aubrey Stevens, administrative assistant and transfer application processor; CAS Admissions; Sam Stockdale, admissions counselor, CAS Admissions; Thomas Sunseri, assistant coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Jenny Ampersand, costume shop manager, Theatre; and Brian Weber, officer, Campus Safety.

The following people have left Lewis & Clark. Here’s wishing them good luck in their new adventures:

Stephen Attinasi, supervisor and physics lab coordinator, Natural Science Shop; Terri Banasek, executive assistant, Dean of the College; Janice Carter, operations manager, Facilities Services; Michael Davis, associate vice president, Major Gifts; Alan Finn, vice president, Business and Finance; Sarit Gluz, assistant swimming coach and athletic academic coordinator, Physical Education and Athletics; Jacob Hales, assistant football coach and instructor; Physical Education and Athletics; Erica Harris, instructor, Academic English Studies; Chase Jordan, assistant coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Francine Key, administrative specialist, Counseling Center; Susan Mako, loan and account specialist, Student and Departmental Account Services; Pannhara Mam, assistant tennis coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Wendy McLennan, lab coordinator/instructor, Biology; Denise Morris, general maintenance worker, Facilities Services; Traci Nakamura, assistant women’s soccer coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Krystle Perkins, college advisor, CAS College Advising Center; Stefanie Pickard, budget manager, Law Business Services; Jan Pierce, director of tax program, Law School Legal Clinic; Stephanie Pollard, assistant director of student accounts, Student and Department Account Services; Mark Redding, recruiter, Human Resources; Brandon Rupp, assistant baseball coach, Physical Education and Athletics; Sam Scott, IT support specialist/media technician, Law Computing Services; Jill Severson, circulation attendant, Watzek Library; Kate Shear, technical analyst, Information Technology; Laurisa Stubblefield, circulation and accounts librarian, Boley Law Library; Linda Tesner, director, Ronna and Eric Hoffman Gallery of Contemporary Art; Rolando Villarreal, officer, Campus Safety; Storm Woods, assistant football coach, Physical Education and Athletics; and Breck Young, registrar coordinator, Law Registrar’s Office.