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Remembering Our Father, Dr. William Shearer

February 01, 2010

  • The four sisters in the picture left to right are: Mary Shearer ’62, Judy Shearer Coyne ’63, Nona Shearer ’74, Margaret Shearer ’58

Our Father, Dr. William Shearer, was a great L&C sports fan.  He went to every game he could and took his children.  One of our earliest memories of L&C was going to football and basketball games with Father.  We especially remember going to basketball games.  Father would round up all his children who wanted to go, then we would pick up Dr. John Anderson and his children.  When we got to the game we would go clear to the top of the bleachers at center court, so we could have something to lean on, and root for L&C.

L&C was OUR college.  It never entered the minds of any of the 7 of us to go anywhere else.  All but one of us took chemistry from Father.  He never treated us any differently than any of his other students and all 7 of us eventually graduated from L&C.

After Father passed away in September 2008, at the age of 101, the college hosted a gathering to honor his memory.  We were all touched by the many alumni and staff who told us how much Father had impacted their lives.

At the PAC(K) Pamplin basketball game on January 23, the 4 sisters commented that the game didn’t seem complete without Father and Dr. Anderson rooting for L&C and Dr. Groening coming by to say, “Hi!”

Story and photo submitted by Judy Shearer Coyne ’63.