November 15, 2019

Apply Now to Participate in the New Employee Engagement Committee

Dear L&C staff and faculty,

Goal 5 of Lewis & Clark’s Strategic Plan, Exploring for the Global Good, is to recognize and reward our faculty and staff. Our most recent Q12 survey results placed us at the 50th percentile on Gallup’s employee engagement scale for higher education institutions. We should–and can–do better than being merely average among our peers on a measure of employee engagement. One step we are taking to improve employee satisfaction and engagement is to establish a formal Employee Engagement Committee. This is an evolution of the former CARE committee that many of you may be familiar with. The charge of this new committee is as follows:

The Employee Engagement Committee is an institution-wide committee charged with promoting a sense of community and belonging for employees of Lewis & Clark through engagement, learning, and service opportunities.

We are seeking staff and faculty representation from across the institution to be part of this effort.

Membership and Structure:

The Employee Engagement Committee will strive to include staff and faculty from across campuses and bargaining units. The committee will elect its own chair(s), set annual goals, and undertake employee engagement projects and initiatives. The Committee will report to me and work in collaboration with Human Resources. The committee will be comprised of a maximum of ten members, will meet monthly, and will also meet once annually for a full-day retreat. Members should expect to devote approximately 1-3 hours per month in addition to subcommittee work, as needed.

Likely focus areas for the Employee Engagement Committee include:
  • Employee awards and recognition
  • Wellness
  • Learning opportunities
  • Community building and service opportunities
  • Promoting employee connection to our mission

If you wish to apply to be a member of the new Employee Engagement Committee, please apply using this form.

Staff and faculty participants will be able to contribute to the college in a meaningful way, often on matters of interest not directly related to their jobs, and develop a new dimension to their sense of belonging and their ability to make a difference. Benefits of participation include:

  • Represent the interests of staff and faculty
  • Connect staff and faculty to Lewis & Clark’s mission
  • Bring staff and faculty together to increase shared sense of community and inclusivity

I will appoint a balanced committee, with representation from across campuses and bargaining units, based on the advice of an application review committee. In addition to members chosen through this application process, two members will be appointed by Human Resources.

Timeline: Application process opens November 15 and closes November 27.

Please consider serving on this important committee. Working together, we can improve employee engagement and satisfaction at Lewis & Clark.


David Reese

Vice President, Chief of Staff, General Counsel and Board Secretary