December 12, 2019

Applications Open for Intergroup Dialogue!

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is reviving the Intergroup Dialogue Series (started by Student Life in 2014). This series is open to all staff and faculty.
  • Intergroup dialogue is an eight week series open to all staff and faculty.

Intergroup Dialogue was a professional development series started by the Student Life Division at the College of Arts and Sciences in 2014. Due to our ever changing needs as a college the Office of Equity and Inclusion is looking to offer the series again to all staff and faculty members at Lewis & Clark College.

Intergroup Dialogue is an eight-week sustained dialogue professional development program for staff/faculty. Intergroup Dialogue is grounded in curriculum and 25 years of developed research. The mission of Intergroup Dialogue seeks to engage staff/faculty in building a more socially just and inclusive community through sustained and meaningful dialogue.

Further, the purpose of IGD is to “normalize” cultural conversations in order to increase our capacity as educators. We all work with students in a variety of ways and have a large impact on their experience and success here at LC. In order to increase our efficacy as educators, we need to increase our cultural competency.

This experience will offer an opportunity for personal reflection and growth, conversations across and about difference, and a social justice knowledge base that will assist in facilitating dialogue with students.

This IGD application is for first-time participants as well as returners who are interested in participating in our upcoming eight week IGD spring series (most likely February-March). First-time participants will engage the topic of Race/Ethnicity. For returning IGD participants the topic is to be determined, mainly by group interest. Please note both series are dependent on enrollment, should we not be able to reach enrollment of 10 folks in each we will try to offer alternate forms of dialogue and development for interested folks.

All staff/faculty are encouraged to apply and participate in Intergroup Dialogue, with the support of your supervisor. We hope that you participate, as this opportunity is extremely relevant to address current issues on campus and to our work with our students at LC. Our goal in selection for Intergroup Dialogue is to bring together a diverse group of perspectives with representation from a variety of social identities and roles at the college.

Please submit this application by Friday, January 11, for priority consideration. You can find the application here: If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Mark Figueroa <> or Tori Leder at <>.