January 10, 2020

New York Times Digital Access

Dear Faculty & Staff,

Hello, my name is Mikah Bertelmann and I’m the ASLC Community Service & Relations Coordinator at the CAS. As part of my job, I oversee providing the New York Times to the Lewis & Clark community and I’m excited to announce that effective Monday, December 3, you and your students now have full complimentary access to NYTimes.com and NYT mobile apps, as well as their international editions among other amazing features found here.

To activate your pass for free access to NYTimes.com, follow these steps:

  1. Visit AccessNYT.com and be sure to use your education email address.
  2. Follow the simple instructions to create your account.
  3. Once activated, your Pass will provide unlimited and uninterrupted access to NYTimes.com from any location for one year. As long as the service is offered, you can reactivate account when it expires. If you currently have access, you will need to first cancel your subscription before activating this free pass.

If you or your students have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at csrc@lclark.edu.

Thank you,

Mikah Bertelmann ’21

Community Service and Relations Coordinator

Associated Students of Lewis & Clark