February 17, 2020

Comings and Goings: Get To Know Marketing Coordinator Michael Coiner

Michael Coiner started with Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom) in 2019 after almost a decade with Student Support Services. Get to know Michael in the following Q&A.
  • Photo of Marketing Coordinator Michael Coiner

Michael Coiner started with Public Affairs and Communications (PubCom) in 2019 after almost a decade with Student Support Services. Get to know Michael in the following Q&A.

What did you do in your previous role, and what does your new job entail?

While working for Student Support Services, I did a wide variety of things. No two days were the same! My main three duties, however, involved managing the accommodations database, running the student note taker program for the undergraduate and graduate campuses, and facilitating communication to faculty on behalf of students facing personal crises.

My new role as marketing coordinator also involves many things. Mainly, I am supporting Caitlin Peel and Stacey Kim with their marketing efforts, as well as using the database skills I honed in my previous position to help manage projects.

What would you say is most helpful for the community to know about Student Support Services?

I don’t think many are aware that Student Support Services actually serves all three campuses. I worked with a fair amount of graduate and law students in addition to undergrads. It is a very busy place! I also think that it’s important to differentiate Student Support Services from the Counseling Service. There are many academic support resources at SSS, but the staff are not licensed counselors.

Now that you’ve worked in PubCom for a few months, what would you say are our best-kept secrets?

This is one of the friendliest offices I’ve ever worked in. Truly. I’ve felt welcomed from the moment I started! I would also add that the depth and variety of services PubCom provides is very impressive. From printed materials to digital collateral, from individual departments to whole divisions, PubCom really does help everyone at Lewis & Clark tell their story and promote the college. It’s so cool to look behind the scenes at all the creative work happening over here. I would also like to add that the tea selection in the break room is fantastic.

How does PubCom support Strategic Enrollment Management?

SEM is an extension of what we do best! Our work is focused on telling Lewis & Clark’s story so that we can attract the best students who will have an amazing experience here. SEM helps us prioritize and focus that work. This involves creating uniform branding/recognition for campus initiatives and advising on strategic messaging.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to cook and bake. Bread is my favorite thing to bake, but I’ve started dabbling in cakes now as well. I love cooking a delicious recipe and baking fresh bread to go along with it. That’s the best!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I’m so grateful for this new opportunity. If anyone in the campus community would like assistance in developing marketing materials, print or digital, PubCom is happy to help!

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