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American History on the High Desert

February 05, 2010

Lewis & Clark’s Graduate School of Education and Counseling and the High Desert Education Service District, which serves central and eastern Oregon, have received a grant totaling nearly $1 million from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Teaching American History grant is designed to improve instruction and raise student achievement by helping 150 elementary, middle, and high school teachers hone their skills in teaching history. The five-year grant will support weekend workshops for teachers and allow the district to build an online resource-sharing portal to connect teachers in rural communities that span more than 6,000 square miles.

“This project will provide teachers in the high desert region with more content knowledge about U.S. history and with the instructional skills to teach history effectively in their classrooms,” says Janet Bixby, associate dean and associate professor of education. “U.S. history is a dynamic and fascinating discipline. With the proper content background, professional development, and educational community support, teachers can help students develop a deep, meaningful understanding of this critical subject.”

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