April 02, 2020

The Wildfang Pitch-and-Catch-Fire Contest!

Do you have some time on your hands and skills that need exercising? Remember Emma McIlroy, Wildfang CEO, who served as a mentor at Winterim? Bet you do. Like many small businesses Wildfang is really scrambling with this COVID/recession cocktail we’re all swimming in. HOWEVER, here’s a chance for you to shine

What? The Wildfang Pitch-and-Catch-Fire Contest!

Create some kickass social media content for Instagram, Facebook and/or twitter that:

  • Helps Wildfang sell their seriously great clothing
  • Gives you a successful, real measurable marketing and sales campaign for your portfolio.
  • Saves your sanity
  • Helps one of our favorite local businesses and…
  • Is so good people tag and share like crazy – the goal is REACH!!!

How? Win the competition. On your own or with a team of collaborators, do your research on Wildfang, vet your ideas, and produce some great content for marketing. Make sure you have the capacity to execute and implement your content marketing plan (i.e., you don’t require a $10,000 camera). Emma will choose one winner who gets $500 in free Wildfang clothing and $250 in cash to start, then another $250 when you execute, and you’ll be tagged when Wildfang uses the content on their channels.

Do your diligence, be creative, and come up with your best – but do it fast! Send it to Emma (ceo@wearewildfang.com) by April 14th. Electronic proposals and attachments or links that really work are the basic price of admission. Competition will be hot, so wow us.


  • Lo-fi is everything: Don’t try to over produce it
  • How will you get reach? Why will people share it? Is it unique? funny? informative?
  • How does it connect to Wildfang’s brand – i.e. Asos or J Crew wouldn’t do it?
  • Who is it aimed at? Make sure it’s good fit for Wildfang’s audience.
  • How do people share it?
  • Does it feature clothing or is it more brand-driven?
  • Who does content well on instagram/twitter/tik tok? How can you learn from them?
  • How will you track or attribute the traffic you are driving?

You’re going into business, so a couple of business details:

You must be legally authorized to use any and all tools, images, etc. your propose (e.g., software, subscriptions, licensing). The goal is a great campaign. Non-LC students can pitch this, but non-students are only eligible for the Wildfang gear. We are not able to make cash payments to non-students, sorry. But that’s not what you’re doing this for anyway, right?

Wildfang reserves the right to not select any or all proposals; they’re not going to do this just because you spent the time, so make your submission great! If your campaign too closely resembles marketing they already have in the works but might otherwise have been selected, Wildfang will let you know. And unfortunately, things being as they are, Emma may not be able to get back to you with feedback on everyone’s pitch, as much as she’d like to. So just win the contest and remove all doubt.