May 18, 2021

Important Student Health Insurance Updates for New and Continuing GSEC Students

This article provides an update for GSEC students on enrollment in summer and fall student health insurance.

Students starting at the Grad School this summer may choose to purchase summer-only student health insurance coverage. Details on cost, benefits and timelines are available on the student health insurance website. New GSEC students who want to enroll in student health insurance for the summer must do so online. Enrollment is currently open for new GSEC summer-session students.

Student health insurance coverage for GSEC students who enrolled in student health insurance for the spring semester will continue through August 31, 2021. GSEC students who were enrolled in student health insurance for the spring and who will be enrolled in classes for fall 2021 may choose to purchase student health insurance coverage for the fall. If you are a GSEC student and wish to purchase coverage for fall semester 2021, enrollment will open in early August. Details about how to enroll (or re-enroll) for fall coverage will be sent to GSEC students later this summer.

If you had student health insurance this spring, but you won’t be enrolled in classes at Lewis & Clark in fall 2021, you are ineligible to purchase fall student health insurance. However, you are eligible to apply for individual health insurance through the health insurance marketplace ( due to your loss of coverage. To take advantage of this special enrollment option, you must apply for coverage within 60 days of your loss of coverage.

If a GSEC student loses their health insurance during a semester, they may be eligible for enrollment in the student health insurance plan. Students should contact Mike Pigou ( or 503-417-9235) for details.