June 01, 2020

New Institution-wide Committee Supports Faculty and Staff Engagement

People, passion, and place – L&C’s community of employees is a hard-working and talented crew united by a value of caring for each other, our students, and this beautiful college.

What began as the Lewis & Clark Community and Recreation for Employees (CARE) committee, has emerged in 2020 as ONE L&C, an institution-wide engagement committee dedicated to the wellness and professional development of everyone who calls Lewis & Clark their place of work. This new employee engagement committee was formed to recognize and reward our faculty and staff and is aligned with the Chief of Staff and the Human Resources department, in supporting the engagement of all staff and faculty.

Areas of focus include:

• Health and Wellness
• Learning and Professional Development
• Community Building and Service
• Recognition and Awards

Since the stay-at-home order began in March, ONE L&C has gathered and grown while working virtually from their homes.

“We are pushing the boundaries of how we engage within and beyond this space,” Graduate School Contract Administrative Specialist and chair of ONE L&C Rachel Greben said. “I am in awe of how members dove right in and put so much effort into this committee. It’s a time of challenge, but everyone is bringing an eagerness to rise to the occasion and create opportunities for the L&C community to connect.”

Subcommittee members have volunteered to update web content, organize resources for the community, and create healthy activities centered around exercise, nutrition, and good clean fun.

CAS Admissions Campus Visit Coordinator Amanda Valley kicked off the first week of ONE L&C events last month with a dance walk. “Dance walking is meant to be fun and easy for everyone.” Valley said. “You’d be amazed at the joy you will bring to people as they see you dance your way down the street!”

The committee will make efforts to preserve classic CARE initiatives and dream up new ways of engagement, including learning opportunities and a ONE L&C Olympic challenge to be held this summer. We invite your participation and sharing of ideas.

Members include:

• Shanta Calem, Administrative Specialist and Adjunct Faculty for Teacher Education
• Jimmy Chau, Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach and Instructor *
• Kris Codron, Human Resources Benefits, Leave, and Training Manager *
• Hannah Leah Crummé, Head of Watzek Library Special Collections and College Archivist
• Josie Duyck, Law School Network and Client Services Engineer
• Laura Everard, Groundskeeper
• Ariella Frishberg, Gender-Based Violence Prevention Coordinator
• Adam Geisler, Business Law Operations Manager
• Meredith Goddard, Director of Enterprise Applications, IT
• Rachel Greben, Graduate School Contract Administrative Specialist *
• Megan Hagler, Financial Research Administrator
• Emily Hayes, Head Volleyball Coach
• Christine Liu, Senior Development Officer *
• Patti Mapes, CAS Admissions Special Event Coordinator
• Rachel Martinez, Special Assistant to the President *
• Katie McFaddin, Assistant Dean for Student Success and Retention
• Caroline Mead, Associate Director of Alumni, Parent, and Student Engagement *
• Laura Mundt, ENVS Administrative Specialist
• Erik Olson, Groundskeeper *
• Sarah Petrich, Associate Director of Human Resources *
• Cassie Quaglia (Craft), Assistant Director, Conferences and Events
• Alyssa Salstrom, Assistant Director of Law School Student Affairs *
• Laura Shier, Instructor and Director of Academic English Studies *
• Jessica Sweeney, Program Director and Executive Assistant for Dean of Students
• Julia Unangst, Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
• Amanda Valley, CAS Admissions Campus Visit Coordinator *
• Alison Walcott, Administrative Assistant IV/Director Pamplin Society *

* indicates steering committee