June 25, 2020

Updated Printable Campus Map

  • Image of Lewis & Clark’s campus map.

PubCom has noted recent office moves and other changes on a new, full-color PDF version of the campus map. Please replace any old campus map files you have on hand with the new version.

When printing, be sure to do the following:

  • Select “Actual size” or “100%”.
  • Select “Print on both sides of the paper”.
  • Adjust your settings if necessary so there’s enough contrast between the black type and the building colors to keep the words legible. (Tip: If the Alumni Gatehouse and Campus Safety building labels are clear, then everything else is likely to be fine, too.)

Don’t have access to a color printer? You can order copies of the map through the Paw Print Center once it reopens–or direct folks to our interactive campus map.