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New Student Trips 2020 are virtual, and for ALL new students!

June 26, 2020

  • Two students on their New Student Trip in the Mt. Adams Wilderness

Templeton Campus Center

College Outdoors is excited to announce that for 2020, we will be offering the New Student Trip experience with a virtual platform, allowing us to serve ALL new students, in a format that is both more inclusive, and free!

Virtual New Student Trips (V-NSTs) keep the very BEST part of any New Student Trip – the chance to build meaningful friendships with other new students.

All New Student Trips in 2020 will be virtual. Once students arrive on campus, there will be lots of opportunities to participate in College Outdoors trips and Student Leadership and Service projects, including week-long trips over Spring Break.

Are you a new student? REGISTER HERE

Interested in facilitating a Virtual NST? Contact We’ll need many diverse student leaders from across campus in order to serve all the new students. This is a paid position.