July 20, 2020

Bruce Podobnik Named L&C Legend

We are happy to announce our selection for the first ever L&C Legend, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Bruce Podobnik!

The new L&C Legends program focuses on employee recognition, and is managed by the ONE L&C committee.

Podobnik has been a great proponent of student engagement in mindfulness, sustainability and social justice. He also has led students on semester long trips to India and Cuba as part of the L&C Off-Campus and Overseas Program. He encourages faculty and staff to seek out that opportunity as well. In his time at Lewis & Clark, Bruce has consistently invested time in community building and helping others. Recently he helped raise $24,000 for campus custodial staff affected by the global pandemic.

In addition to his busy teaching and volunteering schedule, he performs with the band Superluminous and is expecting to have an album out by the end of 2020. You can check them out here!

We are so grateful to have Bruce representing the ONE L&C spirit on campus and in the greater community. In other words, we think he’s pretty Legendary!

The ONE L&C committee was formed in 2020 with a renewed push towards improved employee engagement and building a better, more inclusive community across all three campuses. Click here if you’d like to nominate a staff or faculty member to be an L&C Legend.