August 07, 2020

Important Message and Updates from Mail Services

Hello all!

We’re writing with an update for a finalized plan for mail delivery. As many of you know, we are not currently doing deliveries, though we can confirm that we will be restarting regular deliveries to departments outside of Templeton during fall semester.

Until we can restart deliveries, we’re asked by members in the business office that departments please come to collect important mail as soon as possible. Many bills and sensitive documents are hiding in what’s been gathering over the summer, and it’s important that those are tended to. For your convenience, a separate window devoted exclusively to staff pickup will be open for you to stop by.

We will be following up with immediacy once we can finalize and lay out details for fall delivery. A delivery start date depends both on the start dates of student workers and on final approval of a daily schedule, which we are working tirelessly on.

Please confirm that someone from your department will stop by. If you’ve been coming by regularly, or have recently stopped by, THANK YOU! It helps us immensely.

Thank you all for your patience! Take care.


Mail Services