February 11, 2010

Watzek Rocks turns up the volume in the library

Watzek Rocks turns volume up in the library
  • The Metal Shakespeare Company

Each year, Watzek Library welcomes students back from winter break by transforming the usually quiet academic library into a live music venue.

The sixth-annual Watzek Rocks! concert took place on January 21. The concert included three bands, Israel putnam el americano, Brainstorm, and the Metal Shakespeare Company, performing a diverse selection of music.

Learn more about the 2010 Watzek Rocks! concert in this video, as students dance, roll, and rock out in the library.

This was the second Watzek Rocks! performance by The Metal Shakespeare Company, a band which includes three Lewis & Clark College alumni: Jason Simms ’06, vocals; Matt Stikker ’08, guitar; and Luke Dennis ’08, bass. The group also played the first Watzek Rocks! in 2006.

“As a first year, in order to put off studying, I used to spend time finding the most secluded, peaceful corner of the building,” Simms said. “It was fun to think of the dust coming off those spots a bit when we all hit a chord in unison. But I couldn’t think about it for very long because there was a mosh pit right in front of us. A mosh pit. In the library. I had forgotten how incredibly cool it is to see that!”

Simms’ experience returning to Watzek Rocks! also prompted this poem, written by his persona “Lord Simms” in his best iambic pentameter:

The Brainstorm which didst us precede in me
Did some bit green jealous make for where was
Such skill, such levity, and appeal
From the minstrils I call’d classmate? To find
Our Watzek some bit so improv’d doth warm
That heart of twenty-two which first didst rock
Where oft I wearily read till two o’clock.

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