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A SHORTCUT Trail to Macadam Ave. for Hikers

September 10, 2020

Dear LC students who like to hike,

PLEASE do not use SW Trail 5 any longer to go downhill from campus to Macadam Avenue. SW Trail 5 is officially closed. (That’s the trail that heads down the forested hill from below the outdoor pool and Rose Garden area).

Instead, use the SHORTER Riverview Natural Area Trail #3.

This trail (#3) leaves from the north edge of the Fir Acres parking lot, directly north of Fir Acres Theater.

Check out the map here:

Or just Google “Riverview Natural Area trail map” for even more maps of the trails in Riverview Natural Area. Trail #3 is a much shorter route to the Sellwood Bridge and points north, from campus.

Thank you! The neighbors in the Riverdale neighborhood below campus also very much appreciate it if students will start using Riverview Natural Area Trail #3.

Using Riverview Natural Area Trail #3 saves you time, too, getting to Macadam Avenue!

Joe Yuska
Director of College Outdoors