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November 12, 2020

PubCom is excited to announce that on January 12, 2021, pages throughout the domain—CAS, law school, graduate school, and common services—will have a fresh new look on both mobile and desktop. This will be the first significant web refresh since 2016.

Overall, the pages will look more modern, clean, and graceful, and will offer new features that will make it easier to organize and showcase content. Key updates include:

  • A new, more legible font throughout the site
  • Cleaner, more modern right-hand navigation—no more boxes!
  • An extensive “library of elements” that will offer improved ways to feature single photos, photo galleries, profiles, pull quotes, statistics, news, events, announcements, and buttons—all with improved accessibility
  • The addition of “breadcrumbing,” indicating on every page where you are within the structure of the site
  • On academic landing pages, new feature image tool that use easier-to-source square photos instead of awkward ultra-wide ones
  • A new header with increased legibility and accessibility, plus a new footer that features stronger branding and selection of campus beauty images—specific to each of our three schools.

If you are responsible for managing web content, don’t worry! For most sites, the transfer from the old look to the new will happen without any effort on your part. Your content and its organization will not change, only the way it looks. For sites that have custom widgets or other special features, New Media will work with you directly to make sure the change is seamless.

We can’t wait to share this work with you! In the meantime, please contact Director of New Media, Morgan Grether, at with questions or concerns.

Website Refresh Timeline

Now through mid-December: New Media working directly with content managers whose sites need special attention; available to all for questions about refresh

December 17–January 6: LiveWhale unavailable to editors so that New Media can do the technical work to prepare for the migration. The domain will be fully functional during this time, but you will not be able to make changes to sites that you manage until the site migration is complete. If you anticipate needing to make urgent updates during that time, contact New Media for support.

January 7, 2021: New site is active!

Starting mid-January 2021: New Media will hold trainings on the new widgets and features available with this upgrade. Stay tuned for dates!