November 30, 2020

Website Refresh: Sneak Peek!

For those of you curious about the new look and feel coming to on January 7, 2021, we have some screenshots to share of what’s to come. But first, a reminder about the refresh timeline:

  • Now through mid-December: New Media working directly with content managers whose sites need special attention; available to all for questions about refresh.
  • December 14–January 8: The domain will be fully functional during this time, however LiveWhale editors should hold off with edits so that New Media can do the technical work to prepare for the migration. If you anticipate needing to make urgent updates during that time, contact New Media for support.
  • January 7, 2021: New site is active!
  • Starting mid-January 2021: New Media will hold trainings on the new widgets and features available with this upgrade. Stay tuned for dates!

You probably thought that you couldn’t be more excited for 2021, but this refresh gives you have one more reason to look forward to the new year. As a reminder, unless New Media has been in touch with you about special circumstances with your site, there is nothing you need to do to prepare for this switch. If, however, you have questions or concerns, please contact Director of New Media, Morgan Grether, at

The Sneak Peek!

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Note that these are not live, interactive pages.

Office Landing Page

PubCom Before


PubCom After


Law School example (note different header and footer)


Grad School example (note different header and footer)


Academic Department Landing Page

CAS Example: English Before


CAS Example: English After

Library of Elements