December 04, 2020

COVID Testing Clinic for Residential Students, 12/7/20

The Health Service will be offering a COVID testing clinic on December 7, 2020, for students in residence.  This testing clinic is mandatory for some students, and optional for others.

COVID testing clinic mandatory for some residential students on Monday, December 7; clinic testing optional for other residential students

Dear Students:

Lewis & Clark Health Service will be offering COVID testing on Monday, December 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. for students remaining in residence. A limited number of flu shots will also be available. This COVID testing clinic is mandatory for some students, but optional for others. If you are currently living on campus, please read this message carefully. If you are not currently residing on campus, you can delete this message without reading further.

The College takes very seriously its role in providing a healthy and safe environment for those students who will need to stay on campus after the end of the semester. Toward that end, the College is mandating that all students who will be staying on campus after Thursday, December 17 participate in the COVID testing clinic on Monday, December 7.

This same testing clinic on December 7 is optional for students currently living in residence who will be departing by December 17. Any student who will be returning to an environment where there are members of the household who might be at risk of severe illness due to COVID should consider being tested prior to returning to that household. Bear in mind that any testing conducted on-campus prior to a student’s departure is not a guarantee that the student will be COVID-free after their travel, so social distancing, wearing masks, and hand hygiene are essential for students to practice before, during and after their travel. Don’t let your guard down and risk infecting others!

The testing on December 7 is being offered on a walk-in basis in Pamplin Sports Center. This clinic is designed for asymptomatic individuals. If you develop any COVID-like symptoms, do not attend this testing. Instead, call the Health Service at 503-768-7165.

Also, if you have been diagnosed with COVID since October 6, there is a significant chance that any COVID test you take during the week of December 7 would yield a positive result. For this reason, we ask that individuals who have tested positive with COVID since October 6 do not participate in next week’s testing. If you will be staying on campus after December 17, and have had COVID since October 6, you must e-mail Ami Hanna, Wellness Services Case Manager and Contact Tracer at to be excused from testing.

This testing program is not designed to meet documentation requirements for students entering other states or countries. Students who need documentation of testing as a condition of entry into another state or country should call the Health Service (503-768-7165) as soon as possible to learn about possible options for testing. The Health Service will cease COVID testing for the semester at the end of the day on Thursday, December 10. However, prior to that date, we will be sharing with students remaining on campus other options for care should they become ill and need testing.

The cost for COVID testing in the December 7 clinic will be $65. The Health Service expects to know the results of these tests no later than end-of-day on Thursday, December 10. Students who test positive will be notified of their test results by phone no later than the 10th. The cost of this testing clinic will be charged to students’ accounts. Students may print receipts from the Health Information Portal and submit receipts to their health insurance programs for potential reimbursement. The student health insurance plan will reimburse students who submit receipts for 100% of the cost of this testing.

The Student Resources Committee of the Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) has allocated funds toward helping with the out-of pocket costs of testing for undergraduate students experiencing financial hardship. Students can apply for funds using this link, but please note that prior to applying for funds, students are expected to submit a claim to their health insurance carrier. Please contact Cas Mulford at with any questions.

Testing results are confidential and will remain secure within Wellness Services. However, Wellness Services staff will be providing the College with a list of names of students who were mandated to test and who have not complied with that directive. These students will still be required to test, likely at an off-campus clinic, where the cost will be higher, and will be subject to disciplinary action. Should any student participate in this testing program and test positive for COVID-19, Wellness Services staff will provide guidance related to entering isolation. Isolation housing will be made available to residential students who need to postpone travel. A positive test result may be disconcerting, but know that we will provide any student testing positive with support resources.

All testing on December 7 will be conducted using a PCR saliva test. When you come to the test, be sure that you have not had anything to eat, drink, smoke, or chew for 30 minutes before you test. Do not brush your teeth during that 30-minute time window. It is OK to drink water during that time period. Students should familiarize themselves with this procedure prior to their test date by reading this testing consent form and the fact sheet. Students must bring their own pen with them on the testing date to sign the consent form.

Please direct any questions about this testing program to Ami Hanna, Wellness Services Case Manager and Contact Tracer, at

Thank you for everything you’ve done to keep our community safe this semester.

Best wishes for your health and safety,

John Hancock, Ed.D., Associate Dean of Students for Health and Wellness