January 19, 2021

We Still Need Volunteers for Undergraduate COVID Testing Clinics This Week

Dear LC Staff and Faculty,

On behalf of our colleagues in the Health Center and our entire campus community, I’d like to thank everyone who assisted with COVID testing clinics, both in the fall and last week. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

As you have likely heard, the college has implemented a new testing platform for the spring semester. The new testing platform will allow us to perform testing more efficiently and quickly. The new process, however, will rely more heavily on volunteers from our community, so our colleagues in the Health Center need our support.

We currently need volunteers for the following testing dates this week:

Wednesday, January 20 - volunteers will report to Pamplin

Thursday, January 21 - volunteers will report to Pamplin

Friday, January 22 - volunteers will report to Pamplin

If you can assist, please sign up in the sheet below:

Volunteer Schedule for Campus Testing - January 20-22

With the new testing platform, our volunteer roles will be slightly different than in the fall. Volunteers will continue to assist with the management of social distancing as well as the distribution and collection of basic information. As we move to a self-service based model of testing, volunteers will also now assist with distribution of testing materials and connecting the testing supplies to the testing platform. For more information about the actual test, you can refer to the attachment or this video of a child completing one of the tests.

Volunteers will receive the training and support necessary so that they can safely serve our community (please be aware that only asymptomatic individuals will be tested in these clinics). Volunteers will be asked to sign up for two-hour shifts and will assist with traffic flow, paperwork, etc. All volunteers will also be tested. Additional training related to all volunteer tasks will be provided onsite. The majority of volunteer roles will be conducted with complete social distancing. However, some roles may involve passing materials to students, at arm’s length, through a plexiglass barrier. All volunteers will be provided with surgical masks (which are better than most traditional masks); face shields; and gloves if desired. If upon arrival, you are uncomfortable with the role you have been assigned, please speak to one of our health professionals and we can work to re-assign you to another role.

You can consider volunteering even if you are otherwise working from home. Again, visit this link to view and sign up for open slots. Please note: Hourly employees will be paid for volunteer time and should receive permission from their supervisor prior to volunteering.

We appreciate all of your efforts!