February 01, 2021

Open Enrollment from Feb. 12 to Mar. 5: Employees Required to Review and Select Benefit Plans

We are excited to announce some changes to our benefit plans that will take effect on April 1, 2021, and will be available for employees to review and select during Open Enrollment, which will take place between February 12-March 5.

Premium Tier Structure

The college is moving from its current 3-tier rate structure to a 4-tier rate structure. A 4-tier format provides a more equitable and accurate pricing structure, particularly for employees who are covering children on the plan.

Current 3-Tier Structure

New 4-Tier Structure

Employee Only

Employee Only

Employee + 1

Employee + 1 or more children

Employee + Family

Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner


Employee + Family

New *Value* HMO

The college is introducing a new lower cost HMO with a deductible. The plan will have the same Kaiser network for coverage as our current HMO but with slightly higher copays and a $750 per person deductible. This new plan has lower monthly premiums and provides a lower cost option for employees. This may be particularly attractive to those impacted by an increase due to the tiering changes or to those who do not need the current no-deductible HMO.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Surcharge

Effective for coverage beginning 4/1/2021, the college will add a $50 per month surcharge for employees covering spouses/domestic partners who have the option of employer-sponsored medical insurance through their own employer. This will not apply to spouses/domestic partners on Medicare, Medicaid, or those with no alternative group health plan coverage.

More information, including plan details, rates and live vendor presentation sessions will be sent out just prior to Open Enrollment.

Due to the significant number and types of changes being introduced, this Open Enrollment period will be “positive,” meaning that all benefits-eligible employees will need to log into Workday and complete the Open Enrollment task, even if they are waiving coverage or not making any changes. You will receive this task on February 12, 2021.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact Kris Codron at kcodron@lclark.edu or 503-768-6237.