February 04, 2021

Trip Leadership during Covid-19

College Outdoors Trips & Events are student led, but the Trip Leadership roles look a little different this year.

For the 2020-21 academic year, all College Outdoors trips, clinics, and events are either on campus, or depart on foot to nearby areas such as Tryon Creek State Park. Since trips this year are so different, the associated risks and necessary skills to lead them also differ. Each event has a paid primary leader, and may also offer a position for a volunteer assistant.

Staffing is based on experience with the topic of the trip as well as with College Outdoors, and not directly tied to designations along the Leadership Trail. You may be asked to serve in a paid position as a primary leader for some trips, and offered a volunteer position on other trips. For example, if you are a mushroom expert but a navigation novice, you may be offered a paid primary leader position for a mushroom trip and an unpaid position for a navigation clinic.

No experience is needed to get involved, and Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Let us know if you have any questions, we love to chat with students!
College Outdoors Staff
Joe Yuska
Thom Lehman
Kori Rosenstiel
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