February 23, 2021

Funding for Migration Scholar Collaborative Project

Professor of History Elliott Young recently received a $25,000 grant for his “Migration Scholar Collaborative Project” from Vital Projects at Proteus, a donor advised fund interested in human rights and criminal justice reform. It is worth noting (and celebrating!) that this research grant comes on the heels of Dr. Young publishing his most recent book, Forever Prisoners: How the United States Made the Largest Immigrant Detention System in the World in January and being recognized internally as a Lorry Lokey Award Recipient earlier this month.

The purpose of this project is to communicate high-level policy principles from leading immigration scholars in the humanistic social sciences (including History and Anthropology) to a wide audience of thought leaders, with the goal of helping frame immigration policies at a national level. Thirty scholars at top universities around the United States and in Japan have joined to coordinate the dissemination and development of policy-relevant scholarship to a broader audience. This includes a website, to be hosted at the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota and directed by Professor Erika Lee. Funding from Vital Projects at Proteus will allow the research team to hire a professional digital content director to develop communications strategies to create easily digestible content and disseminate it to journalists and lawmakers. Dr. Young will serve as project director for the Migration Scholar Collaborative Project.

More information about Dr. Young’s other recently funded projects can be found at Shedding Light on Immigrant Detention in the U.S. and History Professor Selected for Short-Term Japan Residency.

February 2021