April 05, 2021

Lewis & Clark to Honor 67 Staff for Their Years of Service

In lieu of the annual recognition luncheon, Lewis & Clark employees who reached service milestones were honored virtually. See the full list of honorees and watch the videos created in appreciation.

  • Dean of the Law School Jennifer Johnson will be honored for 40 years of service.
    Robert M Reynolds

In lieu of the annual recognition luncheon, Lewis & Clark employees who have reached service milestones will be honored virtually throughout the month of April. Supervisors of the honorees recorded video messages to share their appreciation:

Congratulations to all of the honorees:

One honored for 40 years of service: Jennifer Johnson, dean, law school.

Two honored for 35 years of service: Emily Decker, senior associate director, Alumni and Parent Programs, and Kenneth Dodson, carpenter/locksmith, Facilities Services.

Two honored for 25 years of service: Amy Drill, art director, Public Affairs and Communications, and Alan Younis, program manager for scientific instrumentation, Math and Natural Sciences.

Four honored for 20 years of service: Jabu Boka, fleet mechanic, Facilities Services; Lisa Garcia, administrative coordinator, law business services; Marily Quesnel, associate director for admission systems, CAS Admissions; and Laura Tucker, catalog librarian, Watzek Library.

12 honored for 15 years of service: Tara Boatman, associate head athletic trainer, Physical Education and Athletics; Kris Codron, training manager and leave administrator, Human Resources; Matty Davis, departmental specialist, law school; Liz Hobbs, administrative specialist, Law School Student Affairs; Stephen LeBoutillier, director of annual giving, Advancement; Ronda Merryman, gifts management coordinator, Advancement Services; Brooke Mill, assistant registrar, law school, Hoa Nguyen Dang, computer science lab technician, Mathematical Sciences; Melissa Roane, acquisitions and cataloging specialist, Watzek Library; Samuel Taylor, head crew coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; Alison Walcott, administrative assistant IV and Director of the Pamplin Society, Art; and Cindy Wyllie, financial aid specialist, Financial Aid.

Fourteen honored for ten years of service: Michael Coiner, marketing coordinator, Public Affairs and Communications; Amy Dvorak, senior director, Sustainability; Judy Finch, registrar and program director, Registrar’s Office; Ian Gadberry, dispatcher general maintenance van pool, Facilities Services; Brian Gardner, maintenance engineer, Facilities Services; Rebecca Khalil, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Yvon Kozma, circulation and resource sharing specialist; Amy Liu, staff attorney, National Crime Victim Law Institute; Laura Mundt, administrative specialist, Environmental Studies; Douglas Ross, dispatcher, Campus Safety; Barbara Shepperson, director, research and assessment; Matsya Siosal, director, Center for Community Engagement; James Tursi, head women’s soccer coach/instructor, Physical Education and Athletics; and Tammy Jo Wilson, visual arts and technology program manager, Art.

Thirty-two honored for five years of service: Jolie Allen, student account specialist, Student and Department Account Services; Amy Baskin, community friends program coordinator, Academic English Studies; Tyler Bearden, technology support specialist, Information Technology; Hayley Bentley, associate registrar, CAS Registrar’s Office; Jessica Black, assistant director, Financial Aid; Nicole Brockway, microscopy technician, Biology and Psychology; Rocky Campbell, assistant dean of student engagement and executive director, Career Center; Todd Davis, administrative specialist, Alumni and Parent Programs; Paola Dennis, administrative specialist, International Student Services; Adam Ferrel, lead general maintenance, Facilities Services; Ryan Goff, director of athletics communications, Physical Education and Athletics; Sam Hunt, assistant property manager for the Cooley House, Facilities Services; Mimi Huang, assistant dean, Law Admissions; Jen Jacobs, head of access services, Watzek Library; Jay Jording, interim director of facilities operations, Facilities Services; Roy Kaufmann, director of public relations, Public Affairs and Communications; Stacey Kim, director of marketing and communications, Public Affairs and Communications; Steve LaFollette, serials and electronic resources specialist, Watzek Library; Caroline Mead, associate director of alumni, parent, and student engagement, Alumni and Parent Programs; Cheryll Miller, executive assistant, CAS Admissions; Heather Miner, college advisor, College Advising Center; Julie Newsome, senior associate director of annual giving, Advancement; Susan Nunes, performance events coordinator, Music; Blair Orfall, program coordinator, World Languages and Literatures; Caitlin Peel, associate director of marketing, Public Affairs and Communications; Kori Rosenstiel, operations manager, College Outdoors; Ben Skaggs, general maintenance worker, Law Facilities Services; Lauren Shoup Lottman, director, Advancement Services; Tim Smale, technology support specialist, Information Technology; Chris Stecher, director of institutional operations, Information Technology; Leslie Thomas, executive assistant to the VP, secretary and general counsel, President’s Office; and Steven Tyrrill, general maintenance, Facilities Services.

Visit Human Resources for the archive of staff who have been recognized over the past several years.

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