April 06, 2021

CAS Student Parking and Transportation Survey

This week, we need your participation in a short 5 minute commuting survey.

  • Students board the PioExpress for easy transportation. 

This survey helps Lewis & Clark benchmark our progress in reducing single vehicle trips to our campuses by students. We understand your time on campus is possibly limited due to COVID-19, so please feel free to skip non-required questions that do not apply to you. It’s important for us to be able to report your commuting status to the city, whether that be non-existent due to online classes or minimal visits. We truly appreciate your participation and time.

The survey is short. Please take just a few minutes to help L&C comply with this requirement and to help us work towards reduced transportation impacts.

Survey Link: https://forms.gle/RGdJY2DsPX2VsNDB7