April 27, 2021

Register Now for 3-Part Facilitator Role Training

This free training is open to the entire LC community and will be useful for any type of community engagement and/or planning efforts. Facilitation training provided by the Sustainability Council.

The Sustainability Office and Council will be participating in a three part facilitation training intended to support the development of our Climate Action Plan. This training is open to the entire LC community and will be useful for any type of community engagement and/or planning efforts (also great for students who want to add it to their resume!).

The facilitation training will take place on the following dates:

May 10, 1 - 4 pm

May 24, 1 - 4 pm

June 7, 1- 4 pm

Please see further details below and contact Amy Dvorak, for more details.

About the facilitation training:

GreenerU will be hosting a 3-part facilitation training series for the Lewis & Clark community. This facilitation training will introduce essential tools and concepts to run effective and inclusive meetings both in-person and remotely. These sessions will be done remotely and will be interactive over Zoom.

Facilitation training purpose: For attendees to have a shared language and overview understanding of the planning process and the facilitator role of the process. The training will provide attendees with the tools and opportunities to practice facilitating engaging and productive virtual meetings for a planning process.

The goals of this training are:

  • For you to feel comfortable hosting and facilitating remote and interactive planning meetings
  • To have a shared language and understanding of group dynamics and decision-making processes
  • To have a clear process for the climate action planning in the fall
Workshop Description

One of the most important, yet often underappreciated, skills in any profession is the ability to be a strong group meeting facilitator. Whether it is a small staff meeting or a campus-wide strategic planning effort, being a confident and effective facilitator is essential. It not only helps you accomplish your goals, but also provides the necessary structure and process for broader organizational change. So, what does it mean to be a strong facilitator? What are concrete tools one can use to lead a group decision-making process? The first part of this workshop will include facilitation refresher activities designed to guide participants through the important steps in group facilitation. The group will be able to test their knowledge of important tools that can help groups generate new ideas as well as help them converge those ideas into actionable next steps. Through fun and interactive activities, participants will be challenged to apply the tools they learn with these engaging, remote yet hands-on experiences. Participants will have ample time to practice facilitating meetings using proven techniques to receive constructive feedback from the group in a safe environment. There will also be time for group discussion where the group will collectively share new ideas as well as help converge those ideas into actionable next steps.

This workshop will cover topics such as behavior theory as it pertains to meetings, the role of a facilitator, types of meetings, basic facilitation tools and techniques, difficult conversations and personalities, adaptive facilitation, nonverbal communication, methods of building group consensus, and a holistic process approach to facilitation.