Words and Numbers Replaces E&D


The spring 2020 semester marked the end of Exploration & Discovery (E&D), Lewis & Clark’s first-year seminar that had been in place since 2006. Beginning with the 2020–21 academic year, after years of discussion and planning, the college launched its new first-year seminar called Words and Numbers, as well as a new General Education curriculum.

Words is similar to E&D, focusing on discussion, close analysis of texts, and strengthening writing skills. Numbers is more math-driven and concentrates on quantitative reasoning and developing theories. When signing up for courses over the summer, first-year students indicated preferences for specific sections of both Words and Numbers sections. Students take one semester of each, but the order does not matter. Both classes are offered each semester, rather than following a specific two-semester sequence as E&D did.

“This is a program that Lewis & Clark can be proud of,” says Kundai Chirindo, associate professor of rhetoric and media studies and director of ethnic studies. Chirindo is the current General Education director and chair of the General Education Steering Committee. “We want our students to take to heart this idea of a liberal arts education that prepares them broadly and deeply in a variety of different areas.”

—Reporting by Aubrey Roche BA ’23, the Pioneer Log, October 2, 2020.


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