June 04, 2021

LC Secure WiFi Network Trouble Reported

Some are reporting trouble connecting with the LC Secure WiFi network.

If you are having trouble connecting with LC Secure, here are a couple of options:

  1. You can connect to the LC Wireless network and then use GlobalProtect to access Lewis & Clark resources just like you may have done from home during this Pandemic
  2. Tell your device or computer to “forget” the LC Secure network. Then reconnect following these instructions: Get Connected

If you continue to have trouble connecting with the LC Secure network, please let us know at the IT Service Desk.

LC’s existing WiFi infrastructure is over a decade old and pre-dates the first iPhone! As such, it simply cannot keep up with modern wireless devices. Increased usage of streaming video and meeting services in residence halls and classrooms prove too much for the aging WiFi infrastructure to handle. However, this infrastructure is still very much in service. If you are having trouble connecting to LC Wireless or LC Secure, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Fortunately there is already a project underway to modernize Lewis & Clark’s WiFi infrastructure.