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Lewis & Clark faculty share election expertise

November 11, 2008

Throughout the election season, members of the Lewis & Clark faculty offered their expert analyses of various political races. Weighing issues of race, culture, and history, faculty members have studied the presidential race, as well as congressional races and ballot measures.

Explore this interactive map to learn more about Lewis & Clark faculty members’ contributions to the national political discourse in various media outlets throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The map provides links to full-text versions of more than 30 articles citing Lewis & Clark faculty experts that appeared in newspapers from Detroit to Denver, Washington, D.C. to Seattle, and throughout the Portland metro area.

Recent updates include:

Robert Klonoff, dean of the law school, in the National Law Journal, November 6

Cynthia Cosgrave, teacher education instructor, in Beaverton Valley Times, October 23

Faculty members featured:

*John Callahan, Morgan S. Odell professor of humanities

*Cynthia Cosgrave, teacher education instructor

*Robert Eisinger, associate professor of political science

*Alejandra Favela, assistant professor of education

*Steven Hunt, professor of communication

*James Huffman, Erskine Wood Sr. professor of law

*Robert Klonoff, dean of the  law school

*Robert Miller, professor of law


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