July 20, 2021

Google Drive Security Update to Affect Links of Publicly Shared Google Drive Files

Google is applying a security update in Google Drive to make sharing links more secure. This update will change links (URLs) for some Drive files.

Users who own or manage impacted files will be notified about the affected files between July 26 and August 25. This email will include a list of all of your files impacted by the security update. Links to many Google Drive files with the sharing setting title “Anyone with this link,” will be updated. The impacted files will have a new (longer) link to make these files more secure.

On September 13, 2021 old links to impacted Google Drive files and folders will no longer be functional for people who are attempting to access an impacted file or folder for the first time. When these users try to access the files via an old link, they will be presented with a page to request access and the owner of the file will get an email asking for approval. To reduce the number of access requests it is recommended you update links (URLs) of impacted files when you receive the notification from Google.

How this Google Security update may impact end users at Lewis & Clark:

  • Links on the L&C website to Google Drive files or folders may need to be updated
  • Reusable form links for surveys or requests will likely need to be updated
  • Shared Drive links may need to be updated
  • Links to course materials and assignments in Google Drive may need to be updated
  • Personal websites with links to Google Drive files may need to be updated
  • Links to shared academic work may need to be updated
  • Links for student organizations may need to be updated

Read more about this security update here:
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