July 29, 2021

Zoom Updates Required for Fall 2021

Learn more about the minimum required Zoom version and other Zoom updates.

Beginning on August 13th, Information Technology will adjust Zoom admin settings so that all Lewis & Clark Zoom accounts will be required to upgrade to at least version 5.7.

Clients running old versions will be prompted to download and install new updates upon launching the software. This ensures our clients can have a uniform experience, since new features often require all users to be on the same version. It also ensures a more stable and secure experience, since Zoom frequently creates updates to fix bugs and security vulnerabilities. Here are a few additional features that should be easier to use in meetings you host with LC account participants:

If you don’t want to have this happen unexpectedly—such as when you are late for a meeting—here’s how to update Zoom. For additional questions regarding Zoom updates or minimum system requirements, please reach out to the IT Service Desk or take a look at our Zoom FAQ and help page.