April 01, 2022

Covid-19 Mitigation Requirements for NSTs

  • Image shows a vial of Covid-19 vaccine

Page last updated: 8/4/2022

Covid-19 guidelines can change quickly and frequently, please check back on this page before your New Student Trip for updates!



All participants and leaders on New Student Trips (NSTs) must be up to date with vaccination against Covid-19, including a booster dose for all those who are eligible. 

All vaccinated students must follow this two-step process for uploading vaccination documentation into the LC Health Portal by June 29th, 2022. Your documentation MUST be uploaded into the portal in order to participate.

Students with Covid-19 vaccine exemptions granted by LC should contact College Outdoors to see if their circumstances might allow them to participate.



Testing for Covid-19 is required just prior to travel to L&C, and again upon arrival on campus.

Participants must provide a negative Covid-19 test result the day prior to their trip:

  • Any test approved by the CDC will be accepted, including at-home antigen tests.
  • Test results should be emailed to outdoors@lclark.edu. In the email, include your name, which trip you are on, and an image of your test result. A clear pic taken on your cell phone works great.
  • Tests must be taken and submitted by 12pm noon Pacific Time (the time zone for Portland, Ore.), the morning prior to the day your trip begins. Tests should not be taken or submitted earlier than the day prior to the day your trip begins.
  • If you test positive, DO NOT travel to L&C. A full refund will be provided.

Participants will ALSO be tested upon arrival to L&C for their trip:

  • An antigen-based test will be provided to you at no charge after you arrive on campus and check in for your trip.
  • The test is the type that requires a nasal swab.
  • Participants will self-administer the test, under supervision.
  • If you test positive, you will need to return home or make your own isolation arrangements in a hotel etc, at your own expense. This is why it is so important to test prior to traveling to campus!



Wearing a mask will be required during arrivals and in some situations during your New Student Trip, so please pack enough so that you can wear a fresh one each day.

We kindly request that you wear a KN95 mask (or KF94, or N95 if you prefer), since these are significantly more effective than cloth face coverings. KN95 masks are now widely available, and you can even get them for free at some pharmacies such as CVS and RiteAid. If you are unable to bring your own supply of KN95 masks, contact us at outdoors@lclark.edu

We anticipate masks will NOT be required:

  • Once you are with your trip group, and separate from other people. Your group will be considered your “pod”, and you do not need to mask around each other indoors or outdoors. Think of your trip group as a “household” – you’ll be one big happy family!
  • Outdoors when at least 6 feet of distance can be maintained away from any individuals who are not members of your trip group.
  • While you are eating or sleeping.

We anticipate masks WILL BE required:

  • During arrivals and check-in, in the airport and on airport shuttle vans/buses, and throughout your trip’s arrival day until your group is isolated and only with each other.
  • Anytime you are in an indoor public space, including some campus locations.
  • On buses, in vans, and on other group transportation.

Symptom Checks

  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms on the day your trip begins, DO NOT travel to Lewis & Clark College. Instead, consult with a health professional and obtain a negative molecular Covid-19 test (e.g., NAAT, PCR) before arriving on campus. You must provide documentation of your test result to LC staff.
    • In many cases, people receive a false-negative result with an at-home antigen test during the first few days of symptoms. If you have symptoms, you must get cleared with a molecular test to reduce the risk that you would later test positive with an antigen test, after exposing your trip group.
  • In the 2 weeks leading up to your trip, avoid high-risk exposure situations. Always wear a mask in any indoor public space, such as a grocery store, shopping mall, party, or airport. This will significantly reduce the chances of you developing any Covid symptoms, whether they are from Covid-19 or another illness.
  • Self-monitor for symptoms in the two weeks before your trip is scheduled to depart. If you have any Covid-19 symptoms in the ten days leading up to your trip, you will be required to provide LC with negative Covid-19 test results from a molecular test (not an antigen test) before trip departure.