August 25, 2021

One L&C Champion - Philip Shaw

Having worn one uniform or another for over 40 years, 35 of which were on College or University Campuses, Philip Shaw brings a wealth of knowledge to our campus.

Anyone who has spent a length of time on a college campus knows the importance of having calm & experienced Campus Safety Officers. Lewis & Clark is blessed to have that in Campus Safety Officer Philip Shaw. Having worn one uniform or another for over 40 years, 35 of which were on College or University Campuses, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge to our campus. In May of 2021, he did an amazing job apprehending and containing a thief who was trying to drive away with College Baseball and staff property at the Huston Sports Complex. We are happy to honor Phil, as he is a Champion for everyone at Lewis & Clark.

In the May incident, Phil was truly exemplary by being calm & professional. He acted with strong purpose to defend the College. Mainly by how quickly he got Portland Police on site and how he talked the person into complying as well as doing further investigation and finding dangerous weapons. He was a true Hero that day, and operates as such on a daily basis. However, like us all, Phil is much more than his work accomplishments. He is the premier amateur Santa in Portland. A cause close to Phil’s heart is acceptance. Of yourself, of others, and of your enemies. With acceptance, all things are possible.

Please read Phil’s quotes below for a very fun look into his upbringing, his interests, and a bit of insight into why we’re so lucky to have Phil on our campus.

“I grew up in Corvallis (Go Beavs!) and my Mother and Father were teachers. I am a gay male, 62 years old but most days I don’t feel a day over 61.5. I have been fortunate to travel a bit, particularly in my youth. I was the only white child in my first grade school as we were in Alabama and it was 1966. My father refused to have me bussed to the nearest “White” school.

I was also in England for my 7th grade year and was the only “Yank” at Porchester School for Boys, Bournemouth England.

In high school I enjoyed Theater and cars. I still dabble in both. I own and drive a 1964 VW Beetle “Herbie” (yes, that Herbie) and a 1970 GTO. I also own and built my own exact replica of Pee Wee Herman’s bicycle from the 1985 film. I provide costuming pieces (shoes) for professional entertainer Puddles Pity Party (of America’s Got Talent) and have seen over 40 shows and have developed a bit of a friendship with the Clown.

Covid, in all it’s seemingly various forms, has changed what we do and how we do it. Not only regarding our own PPE and safety but the bigger picture, our community, our surrounding, broader community and Portland et al. An increased awareness of needs and wants and the care of those in need has dominated our year.

I am motivated by a great leader but abhor a commander. I respond to an honest word and promises kept.

My current favorite way to relax and unwind is to enjoy a fine handmade cigar on one of the two decks and watch the 3 dogs and rabbit play in the yard.”