Exploring for the Global Good

In its first major fundraising campaign in a generation, Lewis & Clark focuses on its people, places, and programs.

Driven by a vision to step forward as a leading institution and a spark for good in the world, Lewis & Clark College has embarked on the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history: Exploring for the Global Good. Over the last four years, the college has raised $100 million in gifts and pledges. By the close of the campaign, on May 31, 2024, the college plans to meet or exceed its $155 million goal.

“This nation needs highly educated people who are ready to explore and make a difference for our communities and our world,” says President Wim Wiewel. “Together, we can make an extraordinary impact—but we need everybody’s support to make it happen.”

The campaign will enable Lewis &Clark to make strategic investments in three critical priorities across the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Law, and the Graduate School of Education and Counseling:

  • The people who make a difference in their communities, and those who guide, support, and challenge us along the way.
  • The places where we come together as a community and where we each find our purpose and direction in life.
  • The programs that dare us to venture deeper into learning and further into the world.

The signature strength of Lewis & Clark is the excellence of its core liberal arts academic programs, embodied in the undergraduate college and both professional schools. “I think what the world needs most, and what L&C provides, is people who can think critically, who understand the scientific method, who can express themselves verbally and in writing, who can work collaboratively in teams, and who have a deep understanding of themselves and others in a very complex and diverse world,” says Wiewel.

“What the world needs most is what we do best.”

Major Gifts and Pledges

Lewis & Clark thanks its generous major gift donors for their campaign leadership

Commitments of $5 million+

Estate of Hubert E. Walker
Hubert E. Walker and Frances D. Walker Memorial Scholarship

Shelby M.C. Davis and Gale L. Davis
Davis United World College Scholars Program

John R. Stadter BA ’79 and Maureen F. Stadter
Stadter Family Scholarship and the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Campaign Top 5

1 This is Lewis & Clark’s first major fundraising campaign in 20 years.

2 The campaign goal is $155 million, the largest in the college’s history.

3 The campaign has already yielded $100 million in gifts and pledges.

4 All three schools are included in the campaign.

5 Every gift counts toward the campaign, including Annual Fund gifts and estate gifts (from those 65 and older).

To make a gift, visit go.lclark.edu/campaign

Commitments of $3.5 million to $5 million

Estate of John Edward Diehl
Diehl Law Fellowships

Stephanie J. Fowler MA ’97 and Irving J. Levin
Student Center Renovation, Internships, Loan Repayment Fund Scholarships, and more

Commitments of $1.5 million to $3.5 million

Patrick J. Mahaffy BA ’85 and Anna Mahaffy
Student Center Renovation and Annual Fund

Patrick A. Nielson BA ’71 and Dorris F. Nielson
Posse Program, Scholarships, Jerry Gatto Field Renovation, Annual Fund, and more

Heidi Y. Hu BS ’85 and Daniel S. Hsieh
Hu/Hsieh Internship Fund and Scholarships, Student Center Renovation

Professor Roger B. Nelsen
Roger B. Nelsen Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Phyllis A. Yes
Dr. Phyllis A. Yes Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Daniel R. Bohlmann BS ’70, JD ’74 and Sharie J. Hatchett Bohlmann
College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law

Beth Miller BS ’73
College of Arts and Sciences

Exploring for the Global Good

PEOPLE: Student Scholarships at All Three Schools

To educate the community members and leaders our world needs most, we must first make an L&C education accessible to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. That’s why significantly expanding scholarships for all three schools is a top priority in this campaign.

PROGRAMS: New Health Studies Initiative

With the help of the comprehensive campaign, Lewis & Clark will build upon its newly launched Health Studies Program and Center for Community and Global Health.

PLACES: A Revitalized Student Center

For generations of Lewis & Clark students and visitors, getting lost in Templeton Campus Center was a rite of passage. But no more!