November 01, 2021

Highlights of the October Board of Trustees Meeting

During its meeting on October 28 and 29, the Board of Trustees approved a new masters degree program at the law school; approved tuition, room, and board for the College of Arts and Sciences; and approved the creation of a student investment fund, among other items of business.

The Board of Trustees held their annual fall meeting last Thursday and Friday.

The Board was provided a detailed update regarding progress on our strategic plan, Exploring for the Global Good, with a particular focus on our new programmatic initiatives, recent enrollment success, and DEI goals. The Board was also updated regarding the Templeton renovation project and the planning work underway for the renovation of Stewart and Odell residence halls.

The Board formally approved the following items:

  • A resolution thanking Mark Figueroa for his years of service to Lewis & Clark in many different capacities, including as the Dean of Equity of Inclusion. Mark is returning to his family roots in southern California in December to take a new role as vice president for planning and development at Moreno Valley College;
  • A new masters degree program at the law school in Animal Law;
  • Tuition, room and board rates for the College of Arts and Sciences for 2022-23, with a 4% increase from the current year; and
  • The creation of a student investment fund, generously funded by donor Susan Schwind Bates, to be managed by Bates Center students learning about financial literacy and investments.

The Board hopes that this was the last Board meeting conducted by Zoom. The next Board meeting is in February.