November 03, 2021

2021 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted this year! We received 38 costume entries and a total of 866 responses. See all of the costume entries from Halloween 2021.  And the winners are…

Student individual costume (302 votes)

“Wilderness Explorer here, are you in need of any assistance today?” Russel from the Movie “Up” by Erin Khong (grad student/Center for Social Change and Community Involvement)

Pet costume (320 votes)

“Miss Nala the loofa!” by Mail Services Manager Stephanie Takashima

Student group costume (571 votes)

“Tree and Ocean: The Carbon Sinks” by Amanda Brady (Environmental Studies major) and Gretchen Schowalter (Physics major)

Staff/faculty individual costume (it’s a tie with 184 votes each):

Mother Earth” by Assistant Professor and Art Therapy Program Director Mary Andrus

“Salvador Dali Parton” by Vanessa Holmgren (Public Affairs and Communications)

Staff/faculty group costume (334 votes)

“Disney Villains” by Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement + International Students and Scholars (by Joann Zhang, Brian White, Leo Perez Lopez, Bridget Flaherty, Paola Dennis, Rocio Yao, Iyanah Fuller, and Jo Palladini)

Child’s costume (515 votes)

“Ina Garten’s roast chicken and chocolate cake” by Senior Development Officer Christine Liu