November 04, 2021

Using Presenter View in the Classrooms

Presenter view is a PowerPoint and Slides presentation mode that shows additional information such as notes and previews of upcoming slides. In response to questions about using presenter view in the classrooms, we’ve created a helpsheet covering how to set up presenter view in PowerPoint for Mac & Windows, as well as for Google Slides. 

Here are the important things to remember: 

  • If you intend to use presenter view in PowerPoint or Google Slides on a Windows PC, be sure the classroom computer is set to Extend these displays. In most cases classroom computers default to Mirrored displays.
  • If PowerPoint presenter view is showing on the wrong screen click Swap displays
  • Unlike Windows, which require extended display mode to run presenter view, Macs will run presenter view in Mirrored display mode.
  • Google Slides displays presenter view using two separate windows, one for presenter view and one for the presentation. You will need to drag the windows to the corresponding screens. 

If you’re running into difficulty in class, phones are available in each classroom to make it easy to contact the Service Desk at ext. 7225 for immediate assistance during business hours. You can also email with non-urgent questions.

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