November 19, 2021

New LC-Bulletin “From” Fields Established to Improve Readership

In an effort to improve the readership of messages from Lewis & Clark’s administration offices, the sender—the ”from” field—of emails sent to faculty, staff, and students from will be renamed as follows:

LC COVID Notice / LC Health Notice

All COVID-19 related messages will now go out under the title of LC COVID Notice, while other non-COVID health-related matters will be issued as an LC Health Notice.

LC Facilities Notice

Non-emergency facilities-related issues, such as an area-specific water main breakage, brief power disruption or temporary building closure, will be posted as an LC Facilities Notice.

LC Network Notice

Phone or computer network-related disruptions of a non-emergency nature will be issued as an LC Network Notice.

LC Campus Safety Notice

Non-emergency campus safety matters, such as increased car theft on campus or a suspicious person on campus, will be issued as an LC Campus Safety Notice.

LC Bulletin

LC Bulletin will be limited to messages from the president, other senior leaders, the Annual Clery Report and other general matters that need to be brought to the attention of faculty, staff, and students, but are of a non-emergent nature.

Lewis & Clark College Alerts

LC Alerts will be used to communicate about emergency situations, such as unsafe weather conditions, an active shooter, or a major power disruption that poses a health and safety concern. Please be sure to update your contact information to receive alerts on your mobile phone or personal email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Senior Advisor to the President for Communications Lois Davis (