December 10, 2021

Templeton Construction Update: Dec. 20, 2021

Find out who’s operating as normal and who’s moving to a temporary location.

Temporary Construction Moves as of December 20, 2021

  • Bon Appétit Offices: Stamm (Templeton Student Center)
  • College Outdoors signup and questions space: Lobby of East Hall
  • College Outdoors staff offices: Sequoia (graduate school campus)
  • Feminist Student Union: AF Chapel, room 111
  • KPH Radio (formerly known as KLC Radio): Facilities Services, room 104
  • Mailroom: Ground level of McAfee -FOLLOW THE WHITE PAW PRINTS! Call 503-768-7867 with questions.
  • Office of Equity and Inclusion: Templeton, room 128
  • Pioneer Log Newspaper: Odell Residence Hall, room 008
  • Student Engagement: Akin Residence Hall, room 132
  • Sustainability Office: Remote office (email )

Open and Operating Templeton Offices During Construction

These departments can be accessed via north entrances on the second floor:

  • Bookstore
  • Career Center

These departments are located at the SE area of the third floor, and can be accessed via first floor east entrance stairwell (ravine side) or by the elevator (access only by south or east entrance):

  • Center for Social Change and Community Involvement
  • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement
  • International Students and Scholars

These departments can be accessed via first floor east entrance stairwell (ravine side) or the south entrance (lower Templeton lot door):

  • Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Student and Departmental Account Services

Wellness Services can be accessed through the department’s regular north entrance separate from the rest of the building. 

  • Health Service
  • Counseling Service

Offline Spaces Beginning December 16:

  • Stamm
  • Council Chamber
  • Trail Room
  • Dubach Labs
    • Dubach labs are being permanently converted into a mobile lab ability to go in any classroom on campus.

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