March 30, 2022

Ramadan 2022

Ramadan began at sundown on Friday, April 1 and will last 30 days. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by over two billion Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. Ramadan concludes with Eid Al-Fitr, a feast day to end the month of fasting, full of community celebrations. We in the Office of Spiritual Life wish to say Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim students, staff, and faculty and offer our support and resources. 

  • Ramadan 2022

For Dining: Please visit Fields Dining Hall (the Bon) before they close at 8pm to grab your iftar meal. Take-out containers will be available for your use. Please take what you need to sustain yourself, even if that is more than one box. Please also grab a take out container for your Suhoor meal. The foyer of the Office of Spiritual Life (lower level of Flanagan Chapel) will be open for students to break their fast together.

Bon Appetit is also offering the option on Monday through Friday of students taking their iftar meal at Maggies until 9pm using a meal equivalency, but this severely limits choice and quantity options for students who may need extra calories and does not solve the problem of obtaining a suhoor meal. Should you have any feedback or requests, please email Ryan Jensen at

For Prayer: There is a prayer space in Watzek Library on the main floor (2nd floor) on the far northeast side. Pass to the left of the Circulation Desk, go up a few stairs, and head left toward the windows facing JR Howard and Bodine. There is one study carrel without chairs to allow space for prayer rugs. 

Additionally, there is a Prayer and Meditation Room on the lower level of Flanagan that is available for use. Normal hours have been extended 24/7 to allow for Taraweeh. Prayer rugs are available.
Should you wish to be connected to a masjid, please reach out to Hilary Martin Himan,, who will assist you. 

For Religious Accommodations: Should fasting or attending an Eid Al-Fitr celebration impact your academics or your ability to take your finals, please contact your professors as soon as possible to make an alternative arrangement. The Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life, Hilary Martin Himan, ( or is here to help as well. For religious accommodations please do not contact the Office of Student Accessibility.

For the Non-Muslim: And for those who are not Muslim, please note that events that include eating and drinking during this month of Ramadan may not be accessible to those who are fasting. Sunset times range from 7:40pm to 8:16pm in April. Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during the daylight hours, so faculty and coaches should be aware that students may be physically affected by their fasting. Should you be offering a banquet or eating opportunity, please provide extra to-go boxes for our Muslim students to use. They will be most appreciative! We in the Office of Spiritual Life encourage our campus community, as global citizens, to educate ourselves and be religiously literate. Thank you!