Susan Bates Gift Establishes Student Investment Portfolio

In 2021, Susan Schwind Bates, a cornerstone donor for the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership, donated $210,000 to establish the center’s Student-Managed Investment Fund. This educational tool is part of a new wealth management course offered through the Bates Center. The course, which kicked off in spring 2022, is being taught by Noel Johnson, a graduate of Williams College and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. According to Johnson, the goal of the course is for students to “become comparatively more knowledgeable, confident, and skilled across the myriad aspects of money.”

The investment portfolio is being guided with the assistance of trustee and Bates Center Advisory Board member David Mabie BS ’85 and Bates Center Advisory Board member Josh Ulmer BA ’01.

In addition, all of the assigned books in the class were purchased in advance by Bates Center Advisory Board member Thomas Haller BA ’81, who donated an additional $25,000 to the fund. Students found the books waiting for them on the first day of class with an inserted note of support. “Buying the books was a kind and inspirational way to show our students support and respect for their class journey,” says Chrys Hutchings, associate director of the Bates Center.

Susan’s father, Otto Carl Schwind, was a successful businessman. Through this gift, Susan seeks to honor him while teaching future generations about investment and stewardship.