June 06, 2022

Print Center Closure Effective June 30

Following are some strategies and resources for you to consider in light of this change.

Effective June 30, the Paw Print Center located in JR Howard Hall on the CAS campus will be closed permanently. Over the past two years, the pandemic has brought forth many changes to our operations. The adoption of Zoom and our experience with hybrid work and instruction have made many of us more comfortable working with online materials, and as a result, the campus print center saw volume reductions of one-third from prepandemic levels. In addition, the fixed costs associated with running a print center are no longer considered the best use of college resources. The expiration of contractual agreements at the end of this fiscal year presented a natural opportunity for the college to make this decision.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Tanya Scott, Ricoh’s print site supervisor. Tanya has been a great partner during her many years serving our campus. We wish her the best in her next endeavor with the Ricoh team.

Following are some strategies and resources for you to consider in light of this change:

Before you Print, Think About Not Printing

We encourage all community members to consider alternative options before they print. Digital formats not only provide opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing, they may also reduce environmental impacts. If you provide your materials in a digital format, your colleagues and students have the opportunity to decide whether or not to print the materials and how they might best store and use them over time.

Day-to-Day Printing Resources

Staff and faculty can meet most of their print needs by using printers and multifunction devices (MFDs) located around campus. Employees can release their print job at any network device. The MFDs in particular (those that can print/copy/scan) are designed for high volume and many have color printing capabilities. Printing through your LC employee account will charge your department budget at a rate of $0.05/page for black and white or $0.21/page for color printing. Information about these devices including FAQs and support contacts can be found on the Business Office website.

Course Materials

The campus bookstore, managed by Barnes & Noble, will continue to partner with XanEdu to provide copyright clearance and off-site printing for course materials. Contact Sophia Austel, Assistant Store Manager (sophiaaustel@lclark.edu), for more information.

Watzek Library staff (reserves@lclark.edu) can also provide information and guidance on working with XanEdu and providing course materials in digital format. See the library’s information on course reserves and fair use for more information.

For materials that do not require copyright clearance, printing through our relationship with Staples is a good option (see Other Printing Resources, below).

IT Resource Lab

The Resource Lab provides low-volume specialty printing services such as posters, photo quality prints, thicker card stock, glossy paper, or even 3D printing services. Please be aware the Resource Lab relies on student workers; it has limited capacity and is not a professional printshop. The Resource Lab is available to consult on proof-of-concept and other specialized printing projects with the campus community as time permits. Information about current equipment and cost is available on the Resource Lab website.

Specialty Printing: Brochures, etc.

If you have a complex, design-heavy job that requires a commercial print shop, the professionals in the Office of Communications can connect you with local printers who know the institution and can help you bring your project to life. Depending on the project, the communications office might also be able to provide copy and design support.

Other Printing Resources

For the limited times where resources above do not meet your needs, additional services and support are available through our partnership with Staples, who can provide printing and campus delivery services. We will provide updated information about Staples printing offerings prior to the fall semester.

For last minute projects, you may consider using the walk-in service at the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center conveniently located down the hill at 7421 SW Barbur Blvd.